The Art of the Kiss

Much like a smile, a kiss is one of the very special things a face offers us. It is a welcome, an apology, a kindness, and an explosion of passion. Kissing, along with hand-holding and hugs, offers us a way to express ourselves without the need for words. In my opinion, it is the...

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Quenching your Beer Quest

(Beer Blog Part 2) Notwithstanding the new found popularity of tap rooms, nanobreweries, micropubs, and the surge of craft beers from all corners, there is one old-school proprietor in Napa that debunks the beer craze as just the newest cool fad. In this instance, one has to start with a downtown stalwart, who has...

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Breaking the Beer Barrier

(Beer Blog Part 1) In Napa, wine is king. We know this because there are more tasting rooms and wineries per capita here than any other location in the US. Even the grocery store aisles boast more rows of the local product, than beer and spirits combined. In this valley of fermentation, beer lovers...

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Theme Night

When it comes to couples activities, one of the more interesting is “Theme Night.” Theme Night is a lot like date night, but with a twist. (For the sake of this blog, the twist will be rather generic. Some couples I am sure could get really twisted if they wanted to — but, we...

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Picnics — A Taste of Napa Valley

Picture yourself lounging in the vineyards feeling the sun warm your skin, the breeze play through your hair and the calming sounds of nature surrounding you while you enjoy a gourmet lunch and a glass of chilled white wine…sounds delightful, doesn’t it? A picnic lunch is without doubt one of the most enjoyable things...

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