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5 Healthy Ways to do Napa Valley

Napa Valley is most well-known for its myriad of wineries and tasting rooms but it also doubles as a relaxing “country” escape from the hubbub of urban life.

From world-class spa experiences to PGA-certified golf courses, yoga retreats, hot-air balloon rides, and stunning hikes, this valley has a lot more to offer than just fermented grape juice. Whether you’re looking to get away from the hectic holiday rush, planning a romantic vacation, or need a girls’ or guys’ weekend to refresh, Napa Valley has several options for you to choose from and Napa River Inn sits conveniently located right in the middle of it all.

Below are some of our top choices for activities to indulge in while in wine country (minus the wine). Cheers!  

  1. Spa Escape

The Spa at Napa River Inn invites you to relax and unwind. Choose a wide variety of therapeutic and calming treatments, including massages, facials, wraps, and exfoliators.

Our Napa Valley Organics product line utilizes only the finest grape seed elements and extracts to deliver a truly Napa-native experience. We use organic, wild-harvested, and hand-milled products from local creators. We offer an array of spa packages, massages, specialty treatments, exfoliators, wraps, facials, waxing, and tinting. All of our treatments are signature and exist only at The Spa at Napa River Inn to relax guests into wellness, reflecting the best from all over the world. 

  1. Golf Day

Take a moment and step away from the tasting rooms to play a round of golf. With abundant natural beauty, courses offer gorgeous wine country views, cater to visitors, and are easily accessible to most lodging.

Eagle Vines and Chardonnay golf courses are open to the public and greet you at the entrance to Napa Valley. Rent clubs if needed and enjoy lunch in their restaurants after your round.

Kennedy Park and Vintner’s golf courses are in South Napa and Yountville. They offer low-key experiences with stunning views. Sneak in nine holes or a full round before your afternoon tasting.

  1. Hot Air Ballooning + Brunch

Floating above the valley in a hot-air balloon gives you a perspective unlike any other. The vineyards dot the landscape like a patchwork quilt, and you can sometimes see San Francisco to the south in the distance. The aerial views are truly breathtaking. Since you will be up pretty early on the morning of your ride, a quick coffee and bite might be all you have time for on your way out. Add on a brunch package to enjoy post-flight and revel in the thrill of what you just experienced while you chow down.

Check out Napa Valley Aloft for options.

  1. Hit the Trail

Get out into the wine country wilderness with one of the numerous hikes around Napa Valley. Whether you want something more challenging or just a stroll through nature, there’s a hike for every level.

The valley views from higher vantage points are stunning, and the plant and animal life is abundant. If you have time to hike more than once, take note of the difference in foliage on the west side of the valley (Mayacamas Mountains) via the Bothe-Napa Valley State Park vs the east side (Vacas Mountains) trails like Oat Hill Mine.

Visit this link for a list of great options for getting outside while you’re here visiting 

  1. Stretch it Out

Hit the mat first-thing in the morning to get your day going or to calm your body and mind at the end of a long day of hot-air ballooning, golf, spa treatments, and hiking.

Borrow a mat from the front desk or if you brought your own, grab it and step out onto your deck or lay it down in your room and get your flow going. If you prefer a yoga studio experience, venture out to Napa Valley Yoga Center or Napa Hot Yoga and Wellness and select from the several classes available. There is usually a drop-in class rate or a visitor class pass.

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