Downtown Napa Cocktails: Our Top 5 places to sip on Cocktails in Napa Valley

After visiting winery after winery during your trip to Napa, it’s understandable if you can’t imagine drinking another drop of fermented grape juice. We call this wine burnout (yes, it’s a thing). Rest assured, Napa has a cocktail scene within walking distance of Napa River Inn, that will revive any wine-soaked palate and give...

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Pick a couple of great Harvest Activities

Weekend wine tasting in Napa is fun year ‘round, but things really swing into high gear when the grapes are crushed at the end of summer. Winery workers are up at the crack of dawn (and frequently before) – picking, sorting, transporting bins, crushing, cleaning, checking, testing, moving barrels, running equipment, and in general...

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