The Art of the Kiss

Much like a smile, a kiss is one of the very special things a face offers us. It is a welcome, an apology, a kindness, and an explosion of passion. Kissing, along with hand-holding and hugs, offers us a way to express ourselves without the need for words. In my opinion, it is the...

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Theme Night

When it comes to couples activities, one of the more interesting is “Theme Night.” Theme Night is a lot like date night, but with a twist. (For the sake of this blog, the twist will be rather generic. Some couples I am sure could get really twisted if they wanted to — but, we...

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Unforgettable Proposals in Napa

Ready to take the plunge? Looking for a special way to celebrate after the nuptials? These Napa proposal packages supply ultra-romantic vacation experiences and luxury with activities in the beautiful Napa Valley, including extreme proposal ideas like customized flash mobs along the Napa River, chauffeured rides to winery picnics, diamond-ring deliveries and helicopter tours...

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Romantic Napa

The romantic spirit of Napa is undisputed – no combination of activities paint a more vivid picture of love: Cycling along the riverfront, strolling hand in hand amid Downtown’s eclectic shops and galleries, selecting sweet and savory provisions for a gourmet picnic, relishing each sip of wine, tasting the bounty of the region over...

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