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In “case” you need some Valentine ideas

In Napa, Valentine’s Day is something we wine about . . . a lot.


If you have decided to participate in the annual rite of love affirmation typically held on February 14 and celebrated with varying shades of red, then you should expect to fall in to that merrymaking head first, or perhaps more appropriately  . . . head over heels. Here are a few of our “heady” suggestions that will help make your Napa Valentines exceptionally romantic.

Dinner Reservations: Nothing teases the senses better than tantalizing morsels shared between a couple in that perfect restaurant setting with cuisine crafted to please. For the best times and tables, reserving two weeks in advance will be cutting it close. So plan ahead, and don’t pray for the Hail Mary reservation to open up. Downtown Napa has a number of stellar restaurants. Here are a few of our favorites, or work with our amazing concierge to help you plan your evening.

Romance Package: The best way to start off your overnight at the Inn is to have chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne awaiting for you in your room when you check in. Personally, I think that should be standard for every check-in.

Couples Massage: The Spa at Napa River Inn has some of the best massage therapists in Downtown Napa (just check their ratings!) Ask to book an in-room massage and have the talented technicians work out any lingering stress in the comfort of your room.

A Bottle of Wine and You (or a case): What better way to find inspiration for all the sweet nothings you would like to express than a great bottle of wine, or an afternoon of wine tasting? There are several great tasting rooms in Downtown Napa all within strolling distance of the Inn. Of course, it is hard to NOT come back with a bottle (or 12) to take home. One needs to have these delicious reminders at home waiting to inspire future romantic trysts.

A secret Valentine’s package for the wine lover is this offer that includes a great deal on the exceptionally cool VinGardeValise. Fill your hearts, and fill your suitcase. Valentines is about abundance.

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