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Napa’s Best Places to Hold Hands

When you are first together, the simple act of holding hands can be both titillating and quietly loving. After the blush of new love turns to the embers of long-term affection, handholding becomes a comfortable habit of endearment.

No matter what stage you are in a relationship, there are many alluring places to entwine fingers as you take in the adventures of Napa Valley.

Stroll on the River Walk – I would be remiss if I did not mention the scenic stretch of trail that follows the Napa River.  You can travel south past the Wine Train rail yard and walk as far as Kennedy Park. Or head north and amble to Trancas Street. This trail is level, wide, and easy to walk, the perfect footpath for leisurely, introspective time hand-in-hand with your companion.

“Of course, I suggest that you either start or end at the Historic Napa Mill and sit a spell on the benches strategically placed on the River Front. There your eyes can settle on the river scenery, as your hearts slow to a relaxed rhythm.”

Dine Al Fresco – Now that the weather is leaning toward pleasant, an intimate meal on a sunny patio (with mimosas, perhaps?) is a perfect place to sneak in a caress across the table. Favorites are Angele and Don Giovanni’s on the elegant end; Compadres and Soda Canyon Deli on the more casual side.

Cozy Up at the Bar — If table dining is a little formal, and a little too far apart, there is nothing more fun than sitting thigh-to-thigh for a little something something than snuggling together at a great bar.  Carpe Diem and Zuzu’s in downtown Napa both fill up quickly. Carpe boasts a wallet-friendly happy hour everyday from 4 to 6 pm.  Norman Rose draws the pub crowd, and 1313 Main will satisfy your thirst for wine flights while you explore your flights of fantasy.

Where else do you hold hands? Well, in bed. But those journeys across crisp hotel sheets are yours and not to be chronicled in this blog.

Melodie Hilton

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Director of Marketing and PR for the Napa River Inn, and long-time Napa resident. Hilton started her career as a journalist, working many years covering food, travel, and news.
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