Enjoy Sculptures Along the Napa River Mill District

Napa is a haven for art lovers and artists who find the valley's natural beauty inspiring. A collection of sculptures along the Napa River Mill district, known as the Napa ARTWalk, provides a visual feast for art lovers with several works from local artists dotting the colorful landscape.

Steps away from the Napa River Inn, guests can see the works of David Boyer, whose kinetic wind sculpture, "Getting Your Bearings,"- a timeless piece which made its debut at the 2014 Burning Man Festival - was inspired by industrial artifacts he found in the deserts, mountains and ghost towns of the American West. This piece is located in the Riverbend Plaza.

Metal sculptor artist Mike Suri's, "Peer," is a collection of elements that inspires questions. The artist says he likes to "explore relationships with people and nature. I like to tell stories and ask questions."

Catherine Daley's "Aurora III" takes a different look at the Aurora Borealis natural light display. In creating this fifth in a series of eight sculptures, Daley says she watched hours of footage showing this "curtain of light" caused by highly charged electrons from solar winds interacting with elements in the earth's atmosphere. Her use of Plexiglas rods to "play with the idea of musical scales and chimes and catch light when illuminated by the sun" is a must-see while exploring Napa Valley art. This piece is by the entrance to Angele Restaurant.

Desert Storm Veteran and metal artist Lieutenant Mustardseed's "Timeless Joy," is a dragonfly form created from recycled everyday objects reborn as bold, colorful and playful art. Incorporating a Harley Davidson gas tank among other cast-offs, Mustardseed brings new life to old things in a creative effort to "honor the traditions of our past generations, as well as create unique works of art that represent our own time and place."

The Napa ARTWalk collection is a rotating selection of juried art pieces build around a theme. Visitors looking to learn more about Napa Valley art and the inspiration behind the pieces on the ARTWalk can enhance their experience with a self-guided interactive audio tour. Learn more at: napaartwalk.org

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