• An "Innsider's" View of Napa Valley

Romantic Napa

The romantic spirit of Napa is undisputed – no combination of activities paint a more vivid picture of love: Cycling along the riverfront, strolling hand in hand amid Downtown’s eclectic shops and galleries, selecting sweet and savory provisions for a gourmet picnic, relishing each sip of wine, tasting the bounty of the region over a candlelight dinner and closing out the blissful day in the luxury of Napa’s highest Michelin-rated hotel.

Napa is where unforgettable proposals are made, sublime nuptials are celebrated, couples steal kisses around each corner and friends pass along insider tips for where to eat, drink and lay your head. Here are a few of our recommendations for making the most of your romantic trip to Napa.

Unforgettable Proposals in Napa

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