• An "Innsider's" View of Napa Valley

Views from the Top

Want to get a literal bird’s-eye-view of the valley? Go on a hot-air balloon ride! Drift high above the valley floor while gazing at perfectly groomed vineyards and the endless horizon. There, in the stillness of the cool morning, you may discover just how incredible this wine region really is.

If you’re afraid of heights you shouldn’t be in the balloon in the first place! Otherwise, look ahead at the endless panoramic in front of you.

Our pick for the best hot-air balloon company is Balloons Above the Valley. While staying at the hotel, just walk a few steps to the Napa General Store and let the adventure begin! Note: This adventure will begin at precisely 5:30 AM (time of year depending). The wind conditions are normally the calmest and safest in the early morning. You can literally roll right out of your comfy bed and into the main parking lot.

Once you meet your party, you will be transported by van to a designated departure location. Once there, file into groups and choose a basket. Watching the actual balloon fill up is incredible! They may look tiny in the sky, but those balloons are huge. No matter what time of year, I would suggest wearing layers. The mornings here can be chilly year round. Hats are recommended for anyone that doesn’t like their head getting too warm. The heat from the flame of the balloon can be a little hot. Other than that, enjoy! Most rides last about forty-five minutes to an hour in actual fly time.

Once you land in the picturesque countryside, you will be transported back to the Napa General Store here at the Historic Napa Mill. From there you will be treated for your bravery with a delicious champagne brunch with the staff and pilots. Bon appétit and enjoy the rest of your morning!

Special values are available through the hotel front desk. The typical full price rate is around $199-$230 per person. Although, prices can change with the season. Balloons Above the Valley requires a 48-hour cancellation policy.

If you’d like to view some of our balloon packages, visit our main site at www.napariverinn.com. Also, check out www.balloonrides.com for more information or give them a call at 707-253-2222.

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