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A Rumbling of Women / Napa Bookmine + Napa Library

  • Presented By: Napa Bookmine
  • Dates: September 5, 2018
  • Location: Napa Main Library
  • Address: 580 Coombs St., Napa, CA 94559
  • Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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  • From Lauren Coodley's Marketplace article, 4/27/18: "The twenty-six memoirs in a new book, A Rumbling of Women, edited by Anne Grenn Saldinger and Napa County Historical Society’s Nancy Levenberg, present a portion of Napa history that has until now been unrecorded. The project was borne out of Sudie Pollock’s determination to document that period, a longing she has felt for decades. Last year, on International Women’s Day (March 8), she invited a group to gather and consider how to proceed. Eventually the book contributors would include Margaret Kelly Ballou, Margo Arcanin, Judy Nelson, Susan Sandler, Chenae Meneely, Ana Kowalkowska, Jan Svoboda, Ann Schwartz, Felicia Shinnamon, Sudie Pollock, Jan Molen, Patricia Kraepalin, Carol Whichard, Evie Trevethan, Lauren Coodley, Paula Amen Judah, Susan Lane, Carol Lilleberg, Betty Hopperstad, Nancy Manahan, Ruth Baetz, Bonnie McCombs, Charlene Steen, Susan Wilkinson and Sue Dee Shenk... A Rumbling of Women is a collection of memoirs—the unfiltered memories of some of the women who founded the Women’s Center and benefitted from its existence. Future scholars may seek interviews with more of the hundreds of Napa women and girls whose lives were changed by the interventions of this movement, and should certainly also consult newspapers and periodicals of the era. Incredibly, most towns in America have no records of their own social movements. Congratulations to Sudie Pollock and the Napa County Historical Society for making a start on all the untold stories of the women’s movement in our region."